kunafa with mango

A Simple Recipe To Make Kunafa With Mango

Over the most recent couple of years another recipe became known making exceptional and different turn and flavor to the customary Egyptian Kunafa dessert which is Mango Kunafa dessert. Since Egypt is known for its mangoes assortment, the Egyptians developed this new recipe adding mango to the tasty Kunafa. It was said that mango was added to Kunafa when Ramadan in September ended up accompanying the level of the mango season in Egypt. If you have known about it and need to attempt it this is the way to make at home without any problem. So lets get jump into kunafa with mango recipe:

To Make Kunafa With Mango Following Ingredients are required:

1/2 kg kunafa
1 1⁄4 c Sugar
1⁄2 c water
1 tbsp Lemon juice
1⁄2 lb Unsalted spread, softened
Cream filling:
1 cup thick cream (eshta
1 cup whipping cream
2 mangoes, cut
Simmered pecans

Steps To Make Kunafa With Mango

Set up the sugar syrup by blending its fixings.
Spread the unsalted margarine on kunafa.
Heat for 15 min until it looks crunchy and brilliant.
Leave the kunafa aside to cool
Pour the sugar syrup uniformly on it.
Whip thick cream and whipping cream together.
Put a layer of mango pieces on kunafa and a layer of the whipping cream.
Pass on it to cool totally in ice chest.
Embellish with mangoes and nuts just and presto here is a fascinating dish of Kunafa with mango fit to be eaten.

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