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How To Make Egyptian Kunafa: A Complete Recipe

Kunafa is an Arabic treat dish. Nations all around the center east have their own varieties for this recipe. The following recipe I have recorded here is an Egyptian variety. It is extremely basic and is included a raisin filling.

Ingredients For Egyptian Kunafa

For the syrup:

2 cups sugar
1 cup water
1/2 a little lemon

For the cake:

500 grams of Raw Kunafa mixture

5 to 6 tablespoons of margarine
1 cup raisins

Preheat your broiler to 350 F (175 C)

Procedure To Make Egyptian Kunafa

Make the syrup in the wake of putting the kunafa in the stove.

  1. In a medium measured pot and pour in the water and sugar.
  2. Mix over medium intensity for 10 minutes until you feel that fluid thickened. You can test this by contacting the blending spoon in with a finger. Assuming that it feels tacky it is prepared. Watch out for the hot fluid.
  3. Press a portion of the lemon on the thickened fluid and mix for 2 additional minutes. Conceal the syrup and pass on it to the side to chill off
  4. Dissolve spread (butter)
  5. Place the kunafa batter in a major bowl and start isolating it with your fingers.
  6. Empty 5 tablespoons of spread into the kunafa.
  7. Utilizing your hands blend the spread into the kunafa completely. Continue to blend until the kunafa feels sodden. Add one more tablespoon of spread if necessary.
  8. Add half of the buttered kunafa blend to the dish. Utilizing your hands press the blend into the outer layer of the dish, working your fingers around the container guaranteeing a level surface without protuberances.
  9. When you have totally leveled the blend, add the raisins. Spread them uniformly over the level surface. Avoid the sides to abstain from consuming.
  10. Add the excess blend, covering the raisins. Rehash a similar course of squeezing the combination down very well until level and level.
  11. Place the kunafa in the broiler for 35 minutes passing on it to turn into a brilliant variety.
  12. Switch off base intensity in stove and switch on above heat (sear) for around 5 minutes. Turn the container after every moment to permit an even brilliant variety.
  13. Once you take out the kunafa from the stove, pour the syrup on top of it equitably. Pass on it to the side for 10 minutes to chill off, then you are prepared to serve.

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