kunafa dough

How To Make Kunafa Dough

What is Kunafa Dough?

Kunafa is a customary Middle Eastern treat made with turned baked good called kataifi, absorbed a sweet, sugar-based syrup called attar, and commonly layered with cheddar, or with different fixings like coagulated cream, pistachio or nuts, contingent upon the district. It is very easy to make kunafa dough from your own. To make knafeh dough following ingredients are required:

Kunafa Dough Ingredients List

Flour cup
Cup water
1/2 cup starch
Tablespoon oil
1/4 teaspoon sugar
Salt squeeze
Tablespoon dried milk

Steps To Make Kunafa Dough At Your Home

Combine all fixings as one.
Put the blend in the cake sack.
We open I a tiny opening.
Bring a bowl that doesn’t stick and wipe it with a tissue hosed with oil.
We start to place the blend on it in an irregular winding shape.
We will see that the batter starts to contract in a portion of a moment and becomes non-follower to the bowl.
Remove it from the bowl with a silicone spoon or any sort.
Put in a holder and cover it so as not to dry.
Envelop it by margarine paper and afterward in saran wrap and put in the cooler until use.

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