vermicelli kunafa

How To Make Vermicelli Kunafa : A Complete Recipe

Kunafa is a conventional Middle Eastern treat with a smooth surface with a crunchy outside layer.

Here is a recipe of kunafa vermicelli.

Vermicelli Kunafa Ingredients

1 cup simmered vermicelli

1 tbsp margarine

2 tsp dense milk

2 ½ tbsp milk

1 tbsp cream cheddar

1 tbsp regular baking flour

1 tbsp ground cheddar

Steps To Make Vermicelli Kunafa

Blend the spread and vermicelli well in a bowl

Set this combination in a kunafa shape

In a thick lined vessel heat the regular baking flour, milk and consolidated milk

Ensure that protuberances are not shaped

Allow this blend to thicken up

Add the cream cheddar and blend well to make the filling

Pipe this cream cheddar filling on top of the vermicelli set in the shape

Cover the loading up with more vermicelli blend

Add salt into a thick lined vessel and pre heat for 10 minutes

Embed the kunafa shape and prepare for 15 minutes on medium fire

Plan sugar syrup by bubbling water and sugar Add rose water as well

Take out the heated kunafa from the shape

Pour this sugar syrup on top of the kunafa when it is as yet hot

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