kunafa cupcakes

How To Make Kunafa Cupcakes: A Complete Recipe

What is cupcakes?

Before we jump into kunafa cupcakes, lets know about cupcakes first. A cupcake also known as fairy cake is a little cake which is by and large planned as a solitary serving. Many individuals appreciate making and eating cupcakes alongside other scaled down food sources, and most bread kitchens offer a line of these cakes notwithstanding their different pastries.

Ingredients To Make Kunafa cupcakes

500 g Kunafa dough
500g Akkawi cheese
1/2 cup dissolved spread
1/2 cup dissolved clarified butter

Steps To Make Kunafa Cupcake

Mix the Kunafa dough in a food processor.
Move to a bowl and blend the softened margarine and ghee till consolidated.
Brush the molds with softened margarine and clarified butter.
Place the mixture in the shape and press well with a little glass.
Load up with cheddar and cover with extra Kunafa mixture.
Prepare in preheated stove at 180°C for 15 to 20 min. until brilliant brown.
Present with sugar syrup and pistachio.

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