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5 Best Places For Kunafa In Singapore

Before we proceed to best kunafa in Singapore, know little bit more about kunafa. Knefe, Knafeh, Kunefe. Notwithstanding the way in which it’s articulated, we as a whole love this customary Middle Eastern delicacy. The fixings are not many yet the taste is rich, velvety and most certainly overpowering! The sugar syrup besting, messy layers, the mash of phyllo noodles, and different enhancements make us want more and more.

List Of Best Kunafa Places In Singapore

  1. LePak @ RAYZ

LePak @ RAYZ used to sell exclusively Western and Malay combination dishes, yet presently they’ve patched up their menu and changed it up of Arabic dishes. They call themselves the ‘Best Malay Arab Restaurant In Town’, and deciding by the rave surveys from benefactors of the eatery, it appears to be legitimate! You can add on a touch of frozen yogurt, and we guarantee you’ll clean the plate off quickly!

  1. Ruler Kebab

Previously known as Ottoman Kebab, who has been a famous installation at pasar malams and Ramadan Bazaars, they’ve changed their name to Sultan Kebab and has opened an actual store in a café at Ang Mo Kio! It’s interesting to see Middle Eastern food at a bistro, yet you can anticipate that their dishes should be very much like what you expect at a café: reasonable and eminently scrumptious! Their covering of kunafa is brilliant brown, and assuming you puncture your fork through it, that cheddar pull we as a whole love is just enticing!

  1. Derwish Turkish Restaurant

This slick eatery takes care of gotten all your #1 Turkish dinners. Mandi rice, kebab and in particular kunafa – you ask and they convey. Their kunafa especially sticks out, in light of the fact that the baked good, which is marginally more modest than different cafés, is absorbed liberal measures of velvety milk! It’s the reason it’s called dessert at any rate, so the better, the better!

  1. Ayasofya Turkish Restaurant

Bussorah Street is agreed with Middle Eastern cafés, all attempting to tempt you to enter their café, and it’s honestly difficult to pick where to eat at. We’re unfortunately we will make it somewhat harder for you with Ayasofya Turkish Restaurant’s kunafa. Their Kunafa is essentially unadulterated wantonness. It’s stacked with pieces and morsels of Pistachios, and soaked in rich white milk. Essentially paradise on the planet. In the event that you don’t need milk, you can settle on their scope of frozen yogurt presented also, or essentially have both for a definitive perfect balance.

  1. Shalaby Sweets

Shalaby Sweets offer wickedly sweet Turkish treats, so you must take care of your weight control plans if you have any desire to attempt this. They sell a grouping of Turkish desserts, from baklavas to Turkish enjoyments and obviously, kunafa. Their desserts are all really imported from Turkey and air-flown consistently to Singapore so you can ensure that it’s genuine, new and above all, flavorful! The Green Crush Pistachio kunafa is a pastry you need to attempt. The hearty kinds of pistachio supplements the better cream in their kunafa for an ideal sweet-exquisite mix .

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