kunafa recipe with condensed milk

Best Kunafa Recipe With Condensed Milk

kunafa recipe with condensed milk is a sort of pastry sweet that, in spite of the fact that it has Arabic roots and was at first famous all through the Middle East, is presently otherwise called Turkish and Greek desserts.

What Is Knafeh?

Knafeh or knefe. Anything that you compose it, the treat – made with filo cake, absorbed sugar syrup, layered with cheddar and semolina cream, and finished off with pecans and rose water – recounts the narrative of the Middle East in smaller than expected. Converse with food societies that are established in widespread qualities like local area and liberality. Yet, it likewise follows complex authentic powers, for example, the floods of imperialism that have revamped the locale more than millennia.

kunafa recipe with condensed milk

A bundle of phyllo pasta (500 gr)
Margarine to taste
150 grams of flour
400 grams of sugar
Half liter of milk
200 ml of fluid cream for pastries
Dried organic product (pistachios, almonds, raisins, and hazelnuts)
Lemon juice
Some water
Rose water (2- 3 tablespoons)

Steps To Make Kunafa With Condensed Milk

At first, you want to stress over setting up the cake filling. To do this, pour the flour, 100 grams of sugar, and a fourth of the milk accessible in a pan, blending everything well.
Then, put the pan over medium intensity, adding all the leftover milk a little at a time. Mix until the combination turns out to be exceptionally thick, and when done, let it cool.
Then, at that point, deal with the syrup’s planning, pouring some water, 300 grams of sugar, and the juice of one lemon into another pan – put to warm over medium intensity.
Mix the blend and soften the sugar, adding the rose water a couple of moments after the main air pockets show up. Whenever this is finished, switch off the kelp and let the blend cool, which will take on a sugary consistency.
In the wake of having coarsely cleaved the dried natural product, pour it, along with the fluid cream, into the pan with the combination for the filling, blending everything.
From that point forward, partake in the phyllo batter and spread it on the lower part of a round dish, splashing it with margarine. Spread the combination for the filling, making a thick layer, which you will cover with the leftover phyllo mixture.
Press well the surface got to make it minimal and impregnate everything with the excess spread. Whenever this is finished, heat the search for gold minutes at a temperature of 200 °.
At long last, eliminate the skillet from the stove, spread the syrup on the cake, and work well for it cooled.

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