kunafa without oven

Simple Way To Make Kunafa Without Oven

This recipe helps you to make kunafa without oven. Kunafa is a sweet cake with destroyed cheddar and nuts on top. This is a kind of pastry made with cheddar, khoya and sugar syrup that can be heated in the broiler or delighted in without baking! To partake in some scrumptious Kunafa, watch our video which tells the best way to make it without a broiler. With only 05 minutes of prep work, we show you that it is so natural to make your own kind of kunafa.

Ingredients To Make Kunafa Without Oven
Pheoni (500 gm)
Spread (100 gm)
Condensed Milk (khoya) (200 gm)
New cream (150 gm)
Mozzarella cheddar (100 gm)
Sugar (1 cup)
Water (1 cup)
Lemon juice (4-5 drops)

Steps To Make Kunafa Without Oven

Take 500 gm pheoni and pulverize in a bowl.

Add spread in it and blend well in with assistance of hands.

Spread portion of this in a skillet and press well with masher.

Add khoya and new cream in a bowl and blend.

Spread uniformly this combination on pheoni.

Add mozzarella cheddar and spread it on khoya blend.

Spread the leftover pheoni combination on it and press well with masher.

Cook this on low intensity untill brilliant brown.

Heat water in a container and sugar in it to plan sugar syrup.

Add some lemon drops and cook untill thickens.

Spread this syrup on arranged kunafa.

Decorate it with squashed pistachio.

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