Mexican marines surrounded scandalous medication ruler Rafael Caro Quintero somewhere down in the mountains of his local territory of Sinaloa,

 it was a 6-year-old dog named "Max" who rousted from the undergrowth the man purportedly liable for the homicide of a U.S. DEA specialist over thirty years prior.

While the United States' inspiration to find Caro Quintero was never in uncertainty — consequently the $20 million prize for data prompting his catch

there was less conviction about the responsibility of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who had clarified his lack of engagement in chasing after drug rulers.

Festoon said the U.S. government would look for his nearby removal. He pinned Camarena for a strike on a tremendous pot manor in 1984.

The president was trying to say that it was a lawful deviation that

the appointed authority had not given a decision on Mr. Caro Quintero following 27 years ... however, he was not protecting his delivery.